A 100% fully decentralized App store.


ATMarketplace is a 100% decentralized app market place. It is not hosted or controlled by anyone.

It is an open platform for apps generally not welcomed on the mainstream app stores. It is open to all decentralized, P2P, open source projects.

The core functionality is separated out into individual apps, so the wallet, the browser, the blockchains are all interchangable, and can be replaced with community created alternatives without permission if desired.

Listing apps does not require permission, or payment of money. Apps are listed by their creators and updated at their own discretion.

If you want to support this project please consider purchasing some banner adverts from within the app, which will not only promote your projects but also help fund future development of this project.

Currently there are no plans to support "purchasing" apps, its simply a directory of apps, payments will need to be handled seperately by app creators.

Currently the project is an Alpha release, there is no automated feed of apps yet.



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  • Updated Ensquare to 0.3.1
    • ENS contenthash support
    • Overhaul of ETH intercept logic
  • Updated BadgerWallet to 0.1.6
    • Support for ETH RPC override
    • Support for gas price override
    • personal_sign functionality working
  • Updated and added to suggested app imports manifest
  • Updated Electron in app bundles to v4.0.5
  • Updated banners app
    • Manifest upload now working
  • Upgrade ipfs-mini dependency
  • Updated banners ens name
  • Updated suggested manifest hash for import
    • Added Maker DAI CDP portal
    • Added ForkDelta
  • Fix startup error message on db init
  • Updated built-in Ensquare to 0.2.4 - Support for --injectipfs
  • Updated built-in ATMBanners app - first release


BitMessage: BM-2cVL9qnmSt9VTsmBf5bSuNhEADvLtmegNN
Aether community: ATMarketplace
Matrix: #atmarketplace:matrix.org